2019 Spring Term Scholorship Application

This scholorship application is for students seeking support for the 2019 Spring Semester only. 

You may not apply in advance for extra semesters.

For the Spring 2019 Semester, all applicants (1st time and returning) are asked to fill out all the information completely.

At the end of each section, your information will be validated, and upload transmitted before being moving onto the next section. Before submission, we as you to review your application. Upon completion of the application you will be directed to a success page and receive a receipt via email.

Step 1 of 7: Personal Information
Personal information in the top section is self-explanatory. Please use your permanent address where you can be contacted year-round. If you live in a dorm while at school, and live with your parents when not at school, use your parent's address.
Are Your A US Citizen? *
Step 2 of 7: Your Education
Check whether you are working on an undergraduate or graduate degree. Fill in your chosen major. Provide your class information (freshman, sophomore, etc.). Enter the degree sought and your expected graduation date.
Step 3 of 7: College Information
Enter the name and address of the college or seminary that you will be attending. Provide your expected costs for books and tuition. Finally, tell us how much aid you are requesting from Champions for Christ. We are looking for a specific dollar amount. Statements such as, "whatever you can give" will result in the rejection of your application.
Step 4 of 7: Church Information
Tell us your denomination, home church, pastor's name, address, and phone number. Also, give us the name of the church you are attending while away at school, including city/state/phone.
Step 5 of 7: College Transcript
Attach your most recent transcript and provide your cumulative grade point average. If you are just beginning college or seminary, provide your most recent high school or undergraduate college transcript.
The transcript MUST include your name and ID number.
Step 6 of 7: Financial Information
Give the following financial information: family income and ALL sources of aid. On family income, we are looking for the total income of your family. No one should put “zero “in this space. If you are a legal dependent of your parents, while you are in college, you must include their income as well. If you are receiving aid from your parents toward your tuition, include this amount in your total aid. Also, if you have other siblings in college please indicate.
Legally Dependent of Parents?
Step 7 of 7: Other Information
Please take time to review Application.
Use the next and previous buttons below to review your application before submitting your application. When ready press submit. All board decisions, on scholarship funding, are final and there is no appeal process. If your application is rejected, and you feel that you are deserving of a scholarship, we urge you to re-apply for your next term.
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