Past Award Recipient Application

This scholarship application is for students who have been already awarded a partial CFC scholarship and wish to request funding for the 2024 Summer Semester.

You may not apply in advance for extra semesters.

To process your request for funding for the 2024 Summer Semester application, we need to validate your current information. To do this please fill out and submit the Award Recipient application update below.

Step One: Personal Information
Step 2: Has any info changed since funded last?
Has Your Home Address Changed? *
Has your College/University/Seminary changed? *
Has Your Email Address Changed? *
Has your Primary Phone Number Changed? *
Has Your Major Changed? *
Has Your Parental Support Changed? *
Has your Called Field of Service changed? *
Has the amount of Financial Aid Assistance changed? *
Has your Marital Status changed? *
Enter New Marital Status
Ok, you have signified that your marital status has changed since the last time you were funded. Please enter your new information below.
Has the number of children changed? *
Step 3: Partial Scholarship Request (Be Specific)
Please take a moment to review before submitting. Thank you.
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